Enterprise IT Solutions For Hospital

Integrated Hospital Management Information System based on web and mobile. makes it easy to carry out managerial work processes (hospital management) and hospital service processes more quickly and easily, can be used by various types of hospitals (government / regional public hospital, private) with small to large scale types.



Enterprise Information Management System

System that accommodates internal & external needs thoroughly by providing front end and back end modules

SOP, BPM, Risk & Control Integration (ISO Standard)

Explanation of SOP for Service activities related to the module or form that is being accessed by the user

BPJS Integration

Contains features for making SEP (Patient Eligibility Letters) with additional features for searching BPJS etc.

Bridging SEP & INACBGs

Facilitate the process of submitting claims for JKN patients

Run on Web & Mobile

Web-based application with a modular and Dynamic fold development architecture

Cloud System

Supports Implementation over private / public cloud with reliable security (Supports SSL)

why do you have to use eHospital ?

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Enterprise IT Solutions For Hospital

eHospital works with health experts as well as competent and experienced teams in the development of hospital management system products, both government and private hospitals on a small to large scale. So that the presence of eHospital Products is expected to help improve the quality of health services in Indonesia.

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Synergy & Collaboration

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our superiority

adapun keunggulan yang dimiliki oleh eHospital adalah sebagai berikut :

  • A familiar / easy to use User Interface (WEB OS UI / UX)
  • Integrated with the Infokes Mobile Apps
  • Application The application can be customized according to the needs of the Hospital
  • Using Cloud Computing
  • Technology Has a Complete & Tested Module

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The following services and facilities that we provide for users of ehospital applications in Indonesia

  • Online Support
  • Backup Data
  • Integration With BPJS
  • Migration Data
  • Data & Application Maintenance

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Complete Module

Dozens of Complete Modules The service is more organized, patients are more organized and surely the monthly Automatic Report is captured in the eHospital System.

Get the convenience that is in the eHospital

  • Queue
  • Inpatient
  • Pharmacy
  • Biling / Finance
  • Inventory

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